Shariq Sikander

Shariq Sikander, the accomplished director at His unwavering commitment, goal-oriented mindset, and sharp intellect have propelled the company to new heights.

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    Professional Excellence:

    Shariq is the epitome of diligence and reliability in the field of actuarial consulting. His dedication to achieving goals has been instrumental in shaping SHMA Consulting’s global presence, extending from Pakistan to the dynamic markets of Dubai, Riyadh, and the MENA region. With a wealth of experience, Shariq has successfully led his team through countless projects, establishing the firm as a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

    Leadership Style:

    As a leader, Shariq embodies a unique blend of approachability and mentorship. His friendly demeanor makes him not only a respected director but also a guide and mentor to his team. Colleagues find solace in his leadership, benefiting from his wealth of knowledge and experience. Shariq’s leadership philosophy is rooted in fostering a collaborative environment where each team member thrives.

    Balancing Act:

    Outside the boardroom, Shariq is a devoted family man who cherishes quality time with his loved ones. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle is evident, reflecting his balanced approach to work and life. While he maintains a keen interest in health consciousness, Shariq appreciates the finer aspects of life, particularly indulging in the joys of good food.

    Recreation and Relaxation:

    An intriguing facet of Shariq’s personality lies in his love for TV shows and movies. His diverse interests range from thought-provoking dramas to entertaining blockbusters. This passion not only serves as a means of relaxation but also fuels his creative thinking, contributing to the innovative strategies he brings to the table.

    In summary, Shariq Sikander is not just a director; he is the driving force behind SHMA Consulting’s success story. His professional acumen, coupled with a friendly and approachable demeanor, sets him apart in the world of actuarial consultancy. This profile aims to capture the essence of Shariq’s multifaceted persona, showcasing a leader who seamlessly balances professional excellence with a fulfilling personal life.