Navigating AI-Powered Search and the Quest for Easy Digital Discovery

April 3, 2024by SHMA

Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it takes centre stage in the universe of digital exploration. One area that’s grabbing attention is AI-powered search, a clever way of finding things online. These tools, made with ‘large language models’ (LLMs), are changing how we search on the internet, and their popularity has skyrocketed by more than 1,100%.

But what are LLMs? Think of them as big brains that soak up tons of information, understand patterns, and guess which words go together. Instead of showing a list of websites like regular search engines, these tools give you written answers, combining information from different sources.

These AI search tools are not just good at finding simple facts like ‘What’s the capital of Brazil?’. They’re smart enough to tackle broader questions, like ‘How do I plan a three-course meal?’ or ‘Which car should I buy?’.

Let’s look at an example. ChatGPT, a famous AI platform, became popular in late 2022. It doesn’t just answer questions; it can chat with you like a human. It can even do tasks like writing networking emails for CEOs on LinkedIn. It got a ‘B’ when a professor tested it with an MBA final exam!

Companies are finding ways to make money with this tech. Take Salesforce, for example. They’re creating a tool with the ChatGPT model to automatically write marketing emails for sales leads. Big tech names like Microsoft and Google are also in on the game.

Microsoft launched its AI version of Bing in early 2023. It uses ChatGPT technology to give faster and more accurate search results. Microsoft’s Bing lets users ask more questions and make new content. Microsoft has been investing billions in this tech through its partnership with OpenAI since 2019.

Google announced its AI search tool, Bard, in February 2023. But experts think it’s not as good as Microsoft’s offering.

In the midst of all this, a stand-alone company, Perplexity AI, is making waves. Perplexity’s AI search tool doesn’t just provide real-time info; it also gives citations, something ChatGPT doesn’t do. 

Even with all the excitement, remember these AI search tools are still new. They have a lot to learn and improve. But the race is on, and it’s clear that AI search is changing how we find things online, making it easier, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.