Global Impact Of COVID-19 On The Insurance Industry

October 1, 2023by SHMA

The insurance industry plays a vital role in the economy, providing protection against a variety of risks. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry is facing many challenges with claims rising and policyholders canceling their policies.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the global economy. The virus has caused widespread panic and disruption, with businesses shutting down and supply chains being disrupted. This has led to a sharp decline in global trade and investment. 


The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the global economy. The interconnectedness of the world economy means that a crisis in one part of the world can quickly spread to other parts. 


Data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that globally, insurers are facing increased claims as a result of Covid-19. In the United States alone, initial estimates suggest that insurers could be faced with up to $250 billion in claims. This is likely to put immense pressure on insurers’ balance sheets and could lead to higher premiums for customers in the future.


In China, where the pandemic began, insurance companies have seen a surge in demand for health and travel insurance policies. At the same time, they have also been hit hard by claims related to cancellation of events and interruption of business activities.


The Japanese Insurance Association estimates that insurers in Japan will incur losses of up to $5 billion from Covid-19 claims. In South Korea, the non-life insurance sector is expected to see premiums drop by 15-20% this year due to the pandemic.


In Europe, meanwhile, major insurers have set aside billions of dollars to cover Covid-19-related claims. Allianz has set aside €3 billion, while AXA has put aside €1.4 billion. Swiss Re expects the industry, as a whole, to incur losses of around $10 billion from Covid-19.


The impacts of Covid-19 are being felt across all sectors of the insurance industry. Life insurers are seeing falls in new business as people postpone making decisions about their finances during uncertain times. Property and casualty insurers are also being hit by higher claim frequencies, particularly for business interruption coverages. And health insurers are grappling with higher costs as treatment for Covid-19 patients becomes more expensive.


The full extent of the damage caused by Covid-19 will not be known for some time, but it is clear that it will have a significant impact on the insurance industry worldwide.