The Arab Actuarial Conference: A Platform For Knowledge Exchange And Professional Development

October 29, 2023by SHMA

The Arab Actuarial Conference, a highly anticipated event in the actuarial world, took place recently. As the Platinum Sponsor, SHMA Consulting was proud to be a strong supporter of this prestigious global platform, which brought together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from various sectors across the Middle East and North African countries.

Actuaries, actuarial firms, insurance providers, healthcare organizations, pension administrators, asset management firms, banks, employee benefits providers, and risk management companies were among the participants at this conference. It served as a hub for those who relied on actuarial services to connect, exchange knowledge, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Arab actuarial industry.

At the conference, attendees had the opportunity to learn from leading industry experts, including distinguished professionals from SHMA Consulting. Mr. Abdul Moid Ahmed, Mr. Rahim Feroz, and Mr. Saeed Zafar, representing SHMA Consulting, took the stage to share their expertise and insights on key topics.

Mr. Abdul Moid Ahmed led a session on IFRS 17, an important and timely subject that impacted financial reporting in the insurance industry. His session provided valuable insights into the implementation of IFRS 17 and its implications for actuarial practitioners and insurers.

In another session, Mr. Rahim Feroz delved into the pension landscape and challenges in the Middle East. With the region experiencing demographic shifts and evolving retirement needs, his presentation shed light on the complexities and opportunities within the pension sector.

Mr. Saeed Zafar contributed to the conference with his session on social security benefit design and reform considerations. His expertise in this area provided valuable insights into the development and improvement of social security programs in the Arab region.

The participation of SHMA Consulting professionals at the Arab Actuarial Conference showcased the company’s commitment to advancing the actuarial profession and sharing knowledge with industry peers. It emphasized the depth of expertise and thought leadership within SHMA Consulting, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted and respected firm in the field.

By actively participating in conferences and sharing insights on critical topics, SHMA Consulting continues to contribute to the growth and development of the actuarial industry in the Arab world. The conference provided a valuable platform for professionals to expand their knowledge, network with industry peers, and elevate their actuarial expertise.

In conclusion, the Arab Actuarial Conference served as a vital forum for knowledge exchange and professional development in the actuarial field. SHMA Consulting’s involvement and the contributions of its professionals highlighted the company’s commitment to driving innovation, sharing expertise, and shaping the future of actuarial practices in the Arab region. The conference not only fostered collaboration but also reaffirmed the importance of continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends to thrive in the dynamic and evolving world of actuarial sciences.