Picnic 2022: If There Is A Will, There Is A Wave

October 1, 2023by SHMA

There is a common misunderstanding that actuaries spend their lifetime behind a computer screen, punching numbers in the excel sheet or a computer program, running analysis all day long without a break. At SHMA, we strongly believe that work and play go hand in hand. No matter how tough the work is, if there is no play, there is no productivity.

And so, SHMA planned to spend a day at the beach, to pause and rewind, and then ultimately unwind.

On the morning of 25th March, 2022, team SHMA headed out to Seadale, a beautiful beach hut on the coastal belt of Karachi to spend a day full of fun filled activities.

The whole day was pre planned by the HR department. There was plenty of food and activities for everyone to enjoy. We hoped for our employees to join us for a day of fun in the sun!

From jet-ski rides, speedboat rides, ATV sand bikes, to horse and camel riding, people made unlimited memories and truly unwound themselves from the daily grind.

No event is complete without wholesome and flavorful food. SHMA’s event organizers ensured a delicious breakfast and a hearty lunch for all.

We had a session with the Managing Director, Mr. Mohammad Saeed Zafar who talked about the company culture, its vision and mission, and how it is important to the management and organization. He also spoke about some of the upcoming projects and goals for the future.

The session from the Director about his experience and knowledge about how the company can continue to grow and achieve our goals was inspirational.

After all of that excitement we brought everyone together for a Hi-Tea. It was nice to see so many new employees come together after working from home for so long on other projects. They were able to get to know each other better by sharing stories about their lives outside of work which helped them feel more connected and included in our community at SHMA.

All employees enjoyed themselves immensely in this activity and were able to bond among each other through this activity as well as have fun! It helped them to connect with each other in a fun way.