Celebrating Women’s Day 2023 At SHMA Consulting: A Memorable Event Of Empowerment And Connection

October 1, 2023by SHMA

Women’s Day is a special occasion that allows us to recognize and honor the incredible achievements of women in various fields. SHMA Consulting, a leading organization dedicated to promoting diversity and empowerment, is proud to have hosted an extraordinary celebration for Women’s Day on the 8th of March, 2023. This event promised to be an enlightening and inspiring experience, taking place at Bahria Adventure Land. Let’s delve into the exciting events that were planned for this memorable day.

The day commenced at 2:00 pm, with participants gathering at the SHMA Consulting Karachi Office. From there, the female employees journeyed to Bahria Adventure Land. Upon arrival, attendees were welcomed with an array of interactive activities and games designed to foster connection and create an atmosphere of shared celebration. Laughter and learning intertwined as we engaged in thought-provoking conversations and fun activities – Bahria Adventure Land set the perfect backdrop to celebrate the achievements of women from diverse backgrounds and fields.

No celebration is complete without food, drinks, or music and that is exactly what the team was treated to. The event was truly wonderful; its enchanting ambiance helped create a festive atmosphere, encouraging all participants to come together in celebration.

Aligned with the global theme for Women’s Day 2023, “Choose to Challenge,” this event sought to foster a culture of inclusivity and encouraged attendees to challenge gender biases, stereotypes, and limitations. It aimed to empower women to break barriers and pursue their dreams fearlessly. The theme underscored the importance of actively challenging societal norms and promoting equality, not just on Women’s Day, but throughout the year.

As we continue the year, SHMA Consulting is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable female employees at the Firm. The event was an unforgettable experience, offering inspiration, empowerment, and meaningful connection, while acting as the first step in our journey to create a brighter and more inclusive future for our team.